Coding Guidelines


From developer to developer and project to project, coding styles vary as much as personal fashion. There is no “One True Way” when it comes to a coding style.

Unfortunately, while it would be wonderful to embrace all the unique styles individuals bring to a project, it is just not feasible. Some semblance of conformity must be imposed for the sake of consistency and readability.

Choosing a particular coding style is a delicate proposition as many religious wars are fiercely battled over such trivial arguments such as whether to use spaces or tabs for indentation.

But choose we must, because should one developer use tabs, and another use spaces, when they view each other’s code, it will be a mess.

Hence these are the arbitrary guidelines we use on EMF. This is not a statement on which style others should use in their own code, it is simply the guidelines we choose to follow in order to remain consistent. Should a new developer ask why we chose this style, the answer will be “It has always been this way. It is the way we do it.”

In a Nutshell

In order to avoid religious wars, we will follow most of the guidelines exposed by StyleCop.

We will not merge any patches into the main tree, which show any StyleCop violations.

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